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This is How to List Your Home as a Film Location


List Your Home as a Film Location

When movies and television shows need to feature a house in a shot, they sometimes turn to homeowners in their area. That way, they can use an existing location instead of having to create a set or create a digital rendering. If you’re interested in having your house used in a movie or show in exchange for some cash, here’s how you can list your home as a film location.

Connect with Your Local Government Film Office

Governments often want to encourage movie producers to create films in their area. As a result, most have local film offices that focus on bringing in entertainment-related companies, productions, and business.

Head online to see if your city, county, or state has a film office. If so, you may be able to list your property in their location database. If a production has an interest in your property, they’ll be able to reach out and make arrangements.

Head to a Film Location Website

One of the simplest ways to list your home as a film location is through a filming location website. In many ways, these sites work like any other property listing service. You’ll create a profile, share images of your property, and provide a description of various features.

Which site is best for you typically depends on where the property is located. Some websites are city or state-specific, while others are broader. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you may want to explore:

It’s important to note that some databases do charge fees. However, they tend to be fairly low.

When it comes to communicating about using your house as a potential film location, your contact details may be in the profile, or the website will have an internal communication option, like a proprietary messenger. In either case, if someone is curious about your property, they can reach out to arrange a tour and setting up a contract.

Work with a Location Scout

Another option for listing your home as a film location is working directly with a location scout. These professionals check out properties for filmmakers to see if they might work for their movies. If they find an intriguing option, they’ll add it to their portfolio. Then, if your home matches a filmmaker’s vision, they’ll reach out to make any necessary arrangements.

Has your home ever been a film location? Did you decide to list your home as a film location to see what happens? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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