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Here Are 5 Craft Skills That You Can Earn Money From


Craft Skills That You Can Earn Money From

When you want to earn some extra cash, monetizing your crafting skills could be a good move. Many craft skills can help you create amazing items that people want to purchase. In some cases, people may even hire you to make custom pieces or assist with their projects, giving you two more potential revenue streams. If you’re wondering which ones can help you bring in some extra cash, here are five craft skills that can earn you money.

1. Knitting / Crochet

If you’re a capable knitter or crocheter, you can use your skills to make some money. One of the simplest ways is to sell finished pieces. Handmade scarves, hats, blankets, or sweaters could all bring in some cash. Plus, you can either use your own design choices or take commissions, giving you multiple avenues.

Another way to make money from this craft skill is to use your talents to make patterns. Then, you can sell the patterns to other people, giving you another great option for a side hustle.

2. Jewelry Making

Handmade jewelry is another craft item that’s usually simple to sell. Whether you prefer metals, resin, stone, clay, or any other material, there could be a market for your pieces. Crafters have success with all kinds of styles, too. From formal to quirky and from bright to moody, there’s likely a buyer looking for a piece like yours.

3. Illustrations

If you have drawing skills, your illustrations may help you earn some cash. Many people will pay a pretty penny for one-of-a-kind drawings. Whether you focus on cartoon-style art, custom photo realistic portraits, or anything in between, there’s likely an established market in place.

Plus, you may be able to monetize this skill in other ways. For example, you may be able to find work as a freelance children’s book illustrator, depending on your style. If a company has a need for hand-drawn art, you may be able to snag their business.

4. Embroidery

Embroidery skills are also reasonably easy to monetize. By adding designs to items that people use frequently, you may have an easy time selling your creations.

While embroidered towels or pillowcases are an easy place to start, you can branch out into many other areas. Elevating a simple t-shirt or ballcap with embroidery designs could be an excellent option. Plus, if you purchase the shirts or hats in bulk, it may not cost much to get started with your side business.

5. Leatherworking

Leather items are another option that can be fairly easy to sell. Many people appreciate handmade purses, belts, and bracelets, for example. Making personalized leather bound journals could be another excellent item to add to an online store. The same goes for customized wallets.

However, operating a store isn’t your only option. For example, you may be able to partner with a blacksmith and create custom sheaths for knives they’re making. By going that route, you don’t have to operate the retail side, which may be ideal if you prefer less direct customer interaction.

Do you have craft skills that can earn you money? Have you used them to launch a side hustle? If so, how did it turn out? If not, what lead you to that decision? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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