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Trucking Company Files for Bankruptcy, Leaving Thousands Without Jobs

A huge number of trucking industry laborers have lost their positions, remembering drivers for metro Atlanta, after a notable organization sought financial protection.

Reginald Taylor said he just came all the way back to Cobb County after a long stretch when he heard the excursion was his last.

“Man, I’m miserable. I’m disillusioned. Celadon has regarded me and I’m certain a lot of drivers can vouch for the equivalent,” Taylor revealed to Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen.

Celadon is an Indiana-based trucking organization. Industry specialists state while the organization earned $1 billion only a couple of years back, it petitioned for financial protection this week.

It’s one of the biggest liquidation filings on record for the trucking industry. It goes ahead the impact points of government charges against two previous Celadon administrators regarding an extortion conspire.

Chapter 11 will bring about the loss of 4,000 occupations, including Taylor’s.

“More than 3,000 truckers lost their positions. In addition, dispatchers and region supervisors and mechanics. The entirety of that. Everyone was laid off today. No one saw this coming by any stretch of the imagination,” Taylor said.

Taylor said throughout the end of the week fuel cards for certain drivers were cut off, stranding them and their heaps everywhere throughout the nation.

“I just truly feel for the drivers and everyone. They had been working for 10 or 20 years. The entirety of this occurred without any forethought,” he said.

Ed Crowell with the Georgia Motor Trucking Association told Petersen there has been a genuine lack of truckers for over a year.

Crowell said the deficiency ought to take into consideration truckers who lost their business to look for some kind of employment.

Taylor concurs, however he trusts he can find a new line of work that would keep him nearby as opposed to trucking cross-country.

“That is the miserable part about it. I became accustomed to being nearby. By the day’s end, I may need to return over the street,” Taylor said. “Despite the fact that we as a whole have CDLs, we can find a new line of work. Yet, this was home.”

Taylor said the planning of this shutdown around the special seasons has been difficult for everyone.

“The entirety of my kindred drivers: If I can enable them to out, we will do that. We are a family. You comprehend what I’m stating?”

The American Trucking Association says the United States is in critical need of truck drivers. Toward the finish of 2018, the industry required 60,000 a larger number of drivers than it needed to satisfy need.

Financial analysts with the ATA state there could be a significant disturbance in cargo administration if a huge number of new drivers are not enlisted.

Their report says the trucking business should employ more than 1 million new drivers throughout the following decade just to keep up.

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